Cable Pulling Winch

Cable Pulling Winch

A mechanical tool used to draw or tension cables, wires, ropes, or similar materials is called a cable pulling winch, sometimes referred to as a cable winch or cable puller. In many different industries, including mining, telecommunications, utilities, and construction, it is frequently used for jobs like cable installation, heavy object lifting, and line tensioning.

A motor or engine that turns a spool or drum around which the wire is looped makes up a standard cable pulling winch. A gearbox to regulate speed and torque, brakes to regulate tension, and a control mechanism (such a lever or remote control) to operate the winch are just a few of the features that the winch may have.

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Cable Pulling Winch


AED 6,900.00

AED 6,900.00

Mechanical tools used to draw or tension wires in a variety of applications are called cable pulling winches, sometimes referred to as cable pullers or cable winches. The pulling force needed for jobs like placing cables in building projects, telecommunications, electricity distribution, and other industries is handled by these winches. 

Plan and Execution:

Steel or other strong materials make up the majority of cable pulling winches' robust frames, which are designed to withstand the forces involved in pulling cables.
The cable is looped around a drum on the winch. An electric, hydraulic, or manual mechanism powers the drum.

Energy Sources:

These can be used for a variety of purposes and are electrically operated. They are frequently utilized in places with electricity sources and on building projects.
These hydraulically powered winches are renowned for their strong pulling They are frequently employed in demanding applications.
Smaller cable winches can be turned by hand, although doing so requires exerting physical force to turn the drum and pull the cable.

Pulling Power:

To handle a range of cable kinds and lengths, cable pulling winches are available in varying sizes and capacities. Usually, the manufacturer specifies the pulling capacity.

  • Double Capstan System.
  • Limiting Pulling Force.
  • Regular Winding System.
  • Automatic Unwinding.
  • Dismantle cover allows simple maintenance.
  • Hydraulic Working System.
  • 3 cylinders Diesel Engine with water cooling system.

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