Digital Multifunction Meter / Energy Meter

Digital Multifunction Meter / Energy Meter

A digital multimeter (DMM) that is made to be mounted on a control panel or an equipment enclosure is referred to as a panel mount multifunction digital meter. These meters are frequently utilized in industrial settings, automation systems, power distribution panels, and a number of other applications where electrical readings must be continuously tracked and presented.

Key features of a panel mount multifunction digital meter may include:
1. Form Factor | 2. Multiple Measurement Functions | 3. Accuracy and Resolution | 4. Display | 5. User Interface | 6. Communication Interfaces | 7. Environmental Considerations

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Multifunction Meter, MFM376-C, 230V AC SELEC


AED 269.50

AED 269.50

Product: MFM376

  • Compatible for 1 phase 2 wire, 3 phase 3 wire, 3 phase 4 wire systems
  • 11 to 300V (L-N), 19 to 519V (L-L) measurement.
  • Accuracy of ± 0.5% for voltage & current, 0.1% for Frequency, 0.01% for PF, 1% for Power, Class 1 for Active, reactive & Apparent energy
  • Max/Min power Demand measurement, Import/Export Energy measurement
  • %THD upto 31st level, RS485 Communication MODBUS RTU (MFM376-C-CE)
  • CE certified


Display Type 7 Segment LED Display
Display Configuration 3 Rows of 4 Digits
Electrical Connection

3Ø - 3W, 3Ø - 4W, 2Ø - 3W, 1Ø - 2W


Type of Output Pulse Output
Features Phase Angle Detection, (Max/Min) Demand Power, Run Hour, Auxiliary Interrupts
CT Primary 1 / 5A to 10kA (Programmable for Any Value)
CT Secondary 1 / 5 A (Programmable)
PT Primary 100V to 500kV (Programmable for Any Value)
PT Secondary 100V to 500V (Programmable for Any Value)
Rated Input Current Nominal 5A AC (Min - 14mA Max - 6A)
Supply Voltage 240V AC (-15% to +12%) (MFM376-230VAC) ,85V to 270V AC & 40V to 270V DC (MFM376-C-CE)
Size 96 x 96mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount



Cash on delivery available
Returns not allowed
Multi Function Digital Meter ZIEGLER EMD 96


AED 503.50

AED 503.50

Ziegler Delta Energy measures important electrical parameters in 3 phase 4 Wire and 3 phase 3 Wire Network & replaces the multiple analog panel meters. It measures electrical parameters like AC Voltage,AC Current, Frequency, Active, Reactive, Apparent Power Import & Export Energy & many more.

Salient Features

Fast & Easy Installation on panel with self clicking.

True RMS measurement. MODBUS (Rs485) Communication (optional).

Pulse/Limit Switch output (optional). 3 Line 4 Digits ultra bright LED Display (up to 9999).

On site Programmable CT/PT Ratios. User selectable CT Secondary 1A/5A.

User selectable PT Secondary from 100 VLL to 500 VLL. User selectable 3ph3wire / 3ph4wire / single phase Network.

Programmable Energy format & Energy rollover count.

Wide auxillary Power Supply which can accept any input between 40V – 300V AC/DC. Storage of MIN / MAX values.

Measurement & Display of RPM, Run hours, On hours, No. of interruption.

Products Features

On site programmable PT/CT ratios: It is possible to program primary of external potential Transformer (PT), primary of external Current Transformer (CT) on site via front panel keys by entering into Programming mode.

User selectable CT Secondary 5A/1A The secondary of external Current Transformer (CT) can be programmed on site to either 5A or 1A using front panel keys.

User selectable PT Secondary The secondary of external Potential Transformer (PT) can be programmed on site from 100VLL to 500VLL using front panel keys.User can set the display in auto scrolling mode or fixed screen mode using front panel keys.

Low back depth: The instrument has very low back depth (behind the panel) of less than 55 mm(Without output option).

Four function keys: Using the four function key, it is possible to go desired parameter screen instantly..

Demand Measurement Measures & Displays Current Demand, kVA Demand, kW Import Demand, kW Export Demand. Any of the parameters can be assigned to optional Limit switch.


Cash on delivery not available
Returns not allowed

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