Rockwool Insulation Board

Rockwool Insulation Board

It's used in houses, companies, and industries as a form of insulation. For use under and around electrical boxes, wires, and pipelines, rockwool is an effective insulating material. It can fill almost any cavity in a wall without leaving any gaps. It can also be used as a sprayed-on fireproofing compound.

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AED 54.00

Primary advantages of rock wool panel

1)Fire protection: The panel material is non-combustible materials, which can fully meet the requirements of fire protection regulations. The combustion performance depends on how much of the flammable binder is present. Rockwool itself is an inorganic mineral fiber so that not flammable. The using life of the board can reach more than 35 years.

2)Sound insulation performance: Rockwool products have excellent sound insulation and sound absorption. The sound absorption mechanism is the product’s porous structure. When the sound waves pass, friction is generated due to the flow resistance, so that the sound energy is partially absorbs and impedes the transmission of sound waves.

3)Insulation: Rockwool has low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation. The good thermal insulation performance is the basic characteristics of rock wool and its products. Under normal temperature conditions (about 250C), the thermal conductivity of rock wool is usually between 0.03 and 0.047W/(m·K).


Marine rock wool board for thermal insulation and fireproofing of ships.

Waterproof rock wool board for vehicles, mobile equipment, cold storage projects, air conditioning ducts.

The rock wool board for construction has excellent fireproof, thermal insulation and sound absorbing properties.

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