Solid Surface Adhesive

Solid Surface Adhesive

A form of adhesive specifically created for attaching and uniting solid surface materials is known as solid surface adhesive, solid surface glue, or solid surface seam adhesive. In kitchens, baths, and commercial settings, solid surface materials like acrylic, polyester, or composite resin are frequently utilized for countertops, sinks, and other surfaces.

In order to guarantee a smooth appearance and structural integrity, solid surface adhesives are designed to create strong, long-lasting connections between solid surface pieces. Usually two-part systems, these adhesives are made up of a basic adhesive plus a catalyst or hardener. A chemical process takes place when the two components are combined, curing the adhesive and forming a solid bond.

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Solid Surface Adhesive Sealant


AED 45.36

AED 45.36

1. Bond Strength: Quartz adhesive has a higher bond strength than Integra and is superior to Corian and LG.

2. 11-year warranty; non-yellowing

3. Absorbs low temperatures of -50°C and high temperatures of 180°C.

4. Curing duration: 18 to 22 minutes at 24 °C

5. Shelf life of 18 months (10 to 18 °C)

6. More than 1000 color options that coordinate with Staron, Corian, Case Stone, Silestone, Magicstone, etc.

7. Only one Chinese glue maker has the right to utilize a MIXPAC cartridge protected by intellectual property.

8. Certified by SGS, ROHS, SVHC, and ISO9001

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